'; Ornella Ukmata | Frederik II går grønt
Hi! My name is Ornella and I og to Fredrik ii highschool. I am sixteen years old, and have decided to become a pescetarian for fifteen days, and vegetarian for the rest!
Min utfordring
pescetarian for half of the month, then vegetarian for the rest

Dag 30:

The last day!!! What a Challenge this has been. I would say that I did enjoy the experience of being a vegetarian. It was a little hard but I have definetly noticed that my willpower has gotten stronger too, along the way. I do not think that I will continue to stay a vegetarian for the future, just because of the fact that I like chicken a little too much. I will cut Down on the amount of chicken I eat at least. A valuable lesson i learned was that vegetarians do InFact, not starve to Death. There is always Food to replace meat, New recipes and etc. Could I give meat up? Probably, it would just take some time. I think it lies more in how much you want to make a change. But if you want to make a small change in Your life, this could probably be something for you.

Dag 15:

Today is the last day of my adventure as a pescetarian!!

I have come to like Fish even more than I did before actually. Fish and Seafood have been my only Choice of meat for fifteen days, so I had to explore With New recipes . I also had to make Food for myself, since my mom usually makes a lot of meat oriented dinners. Making dinner for myself is tiring to be honest. Considering that I am lazy and a master at procastination, which made it even harder, but I had to make food because my mom refused multiple times to make two dinners. This allowed me to explore in the Kitchen. I tried to make my dinner fun, With food that I enjoy, and I am happy With the results. It started as a tiring task but turned out to be alot of fun. After making different dinners, my mom and my sister became interested in what I was eating. I think this was the most fascinating part of my Challenge. I got to influence my Family With the way I was eating.

Dag 8:


Why I chose to become a pescatarian and a vegetarian?




I feel like I don`t think about what I eat enough. I do eat healthy, of course, but I always seem to be in a rush. I could take some time of the day to just sit and enjoy a really good meal. I think that becoming a vegetarian (and a pescatarian) could help me with putting a little more thought into my meals. This is also for exploring a new way of eating




It`s almost been a week, and I am already having complications. Staying away from meat is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I myself am not a big “meat-eater”, and the only type of meat I prefer is mostly chicken.


What is making this challenge hard for me is my culture and my family. I come from a place where everybody loves meat, and everybody eats meat almost every day. On Saturday, I was at this family gathering, and most of the food there contained meat. I, being a newly born pescatarian, had to stay away from delicious beef that night. A lot of relatives asked me why I was not eating, so I had to explain that I am doing this for a challenge. Over and over. It was tiring, but manageable. What really got me thinking is the mentality of some of the relatives. Some of them were saying that I would not eat healthy this way, and that I need to eat meat. I tried to talk to them about this not being true, and that I can get every protein and everything I need by not eating pork. I just have to be creative.