'; Aaron Bysheim | Frederik II går grønt
I am a 16 year old boy, that attends the IB line in Fredrik II. I am from Norway and Singapore. I moved to Norway 3 years ago.
Min utfordring
My cChallenge is a challenge where I will have to compliment people/one act of kindness.

Dag 30:

The challenge went great. It helped me learn a lot of things about complimenting people, such as how happy they be, how to compliment someone and that it can spread on creating a domino effect. I would like to say thank you for letting me participate in the cchallenge. I can see myself continuing this because it will make the world a better place. Everyone becomes happy when they get complimented on. Thanks !

Dag 23:

The challenge has been going great, i feel so much better about myself and i feel like i am making the world a better place even though that is quite a bold thing to say but i feel like that. Much more people seem to be happier when i give them compliments. Many of them are passing it on and complimenting others i have noticed.

Dag 5:

So far the challenge has been going well, i have been complimenting at least 3 people each day. Therefore, i feel like i should make the challenge a bit harder. I will do that by complimenting at least 5 people every day from now on, if this gets too easy i will most likely make it 10 people.